What We Do

East Turkistan Research and Investigation Center

We believe that the only way to stop the genocide in East Turkistan and to protect Uyghur people living in the diaspora is to build real security cooperation with strong allied countries. We face a common threat and must work together.

We provide training in Open Source research, the investigation of detailed Case Studies, Interviewing and Debriefing victims and witnesses, Observation and Reporting, the Analysis of Information and many other skills.

Uyghur people and organizations are targeted in many countries. This is a crime in those countries. The same money, staffing, equipment, facilities, planning and authorization that goes in to persecuting us, is also used against our allies. It is used to steal their technology, undermine their economy and interfere in their democratic process. Uyghur people can do their part to help identify the infrastructure of these crimes and share them with our allies against this common threat to our security. It is our duty.