What to do if you are harassed?


All Uyghur people living in diaspora face the same threats and harassment of the racist colonizers
who are committing genocide against us. Therefore, we all share the same duty to support and protect
each other and the countries that have welcomed us with hospitality, against this common enemy. The
future of our country, East Turkistan and our people, language, culture and faith, are a sacred trust. We
preserve that trust by protecting each other and giving the next generation an example of courage and
dignity to build their future upon. Each has the power and responsibility to resist. This genocide ends
with us.

When you are harassed by the Chinese security services, do the following:

  1. Take good notes! Get as many details as you can about the enemy. You are turning the tables on
  2. What is the technical information of the contact? What phone number, email or WeChat
  3. What name or names do they use? And what location do they seem to be coming from?
  4. How long have they been in contact with you? When did they start?
  5. Do you know them? Or do they say that they know someone in your family?
  6. How often and at what times do they contact you?
  7. What languages are they speaking?
  8. What do they know about your life in your new country?
  9. What information do they want? About who or what?
  10. What are they specifically asking you to do?
  11. Do they make threats against you or your family back home?
  12. Do they offer you money, services or anything of value?
    Remember, they are committing a crime in the country you are living in when they harass you. They are
    committing a crime when they try to threaten or bribe you. They are committing a crime when they ask
    you to inform on or interfere with others in this country or elsewhere. Once you have your notes, create
    a free Protonmail account and contact the Research and Investigation Center at the email below or
    though the person who gave you this and set up an interview to do the following:
  13. We will help you to create an anonymous professional repot of the incident that we will share
    with security services of the country you live in. The Chinese are breaking their laws and they
    want to know!
  14. If you are willing, we will help you to cooperate with the security services of the country you live
    in, so that together, we can stand up to these criminals and put an end to their actions
  15. Remember, you are not alone. Together we can overcome this threat.